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10 Gmail How-to Articles

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Here’s a list of How-to articles for Gmail users. You may not need all of them, but see if you need one of them.
  1. How to Switch from Yahoo! Mail to Gmail: 10 steps
  2. If you are sick of Yahoo Mail and decided to use Gmail instead, this is a tutorial to help you transfer your contacts from Yahoo Mail to Gmail.

  3. How To Access Hotmail Email Messages from Your Gmail Account
  4. This is what you need if you are using Hotmail and Gmail, but wants to login to one email account only when reading all your emails from the two accounts.

  5. How To Add A HTML Signature To Gmail
  6. A simple but great trick to do if you want an HTML signature instead of a plain text.

  7. How to link FB to Gmail and Yahoo!?
  8. Awesome thing to do if you are using Gmail and Facebook at the same time, all the time. Although you can just click remember me on Facebook, and don’t log out.

  9. How to Add Calendar to Gmail in 2 Easy Steps
  10. Gmail is missing a calendar, yet you can add one.

  11. How To Delete Messages In Gmail – Fast
  12. Probably you have several emails to delete as soon as you have read it.

  13. How to Delete Your GMail Account Permanently?
  14. You need this if you don’t want to see your Gmail account again.

  15. Gmail: How to Search for Messages Within a Certain Date Range
  16. One unknown feature of Gmail.

  17. Transfer Your Outlook Emails to Gmail
  18. If you want to access your emails now in the web!

  19. How to use Gmail Labs
  20. Gmail Labs has a lot of features to add in your Gmail, you just have to choose, and enable them!


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July 20, 2009 at 12:59 pm

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Car Commercials

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Advertising Cars is a great feat especially if the advertisers choose to be creative. Here are four great car commercials. All are examples of a ingenius idea. Each makes sure the message stands out. 

  • Audi commercial – With this commercial, every viewer can’t help but be amazed on how a long string can be made into a car model. 
  • Music Kia commercial – Playing musical chairs is fun especially if all of you are using your own cars while playing. The best part is that  you are using your Kia Spectra.
  • Toyota commercial – Toyota’s message in this commercial, is that every car they make has a special human touch.
  • Honda commercial – In this one-and-a-half minute spot Honda has conveyed to the viewers that their employees consider problem solving an enjoyable thing to do. 

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March 19, 2009 at 6:10 pm

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Google Products For Students

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Google has actually a good set of products that are valuable to students. Aside from Google Search, students can use the Google University Search, Google Book Search, and Google Scholar.

Google University Search is mainly a search engine for universities and colleges. This is a useful tool when the searcher is trying to look fo a new school to enroll to. There are just times that the Search function of

Another product that students should take advantage of is the Google Book Search and Google Scholar. Since most students need reliable resources with their homeworks and research, it is best that they use the resources available in Google Book Search and Google Scholar. I am not saying though that articles found on websites are not reliable, there are just times students need something decent to put in our footnotes /endnotes especially on thesis.

And actually, students and other Google users may like another feature of Google Book Search, where they can add books in Google Book Search.

Avoiding Someone in Gmail

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Have you experienced getting an email from someone you do not like? Maybe a stalker, an old friend you are avoiding, an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend? You could have thought changing your Gmail address will solve this problem. However, it will be a hassle informing all your other contacts about your new email. You also have to think about what to do with the important messages you have in your current email address. You know what, there’s another solution and that is to block a sender on your Gmail account.

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March 6, 2009 at 6:57 am

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Taglish or Tagalog-English Texts in Google Translator

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Filipinos are fond of using Taglish in their everyday conversation. Taglish means the term that describes how English words are incorporated in Tagalog sentences. I have here below an example of a Taglish text:

Ang dami na namang tao sa Mall ngayon. Christmas na kasi. Ano kaya gift ng boyfriend ko sa akin? Baka wala naman. Well, I don’t care kung wala siyang gift basta I am with him sa 25.


There’s a lot of people in the malls again. Well, because it’s already Christmas. I wonder what present my boyfriend will give to me? I think he won’t really give any. Well, I don’t care if he will not as long as I am with him on the 25th.

And since Filipinos love Taglish and love texting, it is not surprising to read Filipino text messages in Taglish. However, a new form of Taglish evolved from texting because of the limited characters per text message. An example of this Taglish form in SMS is: Wer na u? D2 n me! (Where are you? I am already here!)

Amazingly, Google Translator unknowingly gives SMS Taglish form of translation to some of the Filipino-English queries. I discovered this when I was testing the tool, and when I saw the Taglish results, it inspired me to write this article.

I only found few Tagalog sentences with SMS Taglish translations. I picked out those sentences with translations that also made sense; and they are on the table below.

Original Text Google Translate Correct Translation
Gigising me bukas ng maaga. Gigising me early tomorrow. I will wake-up early tomorrow.
Nasaan ka? Where you? Where are you?
Ano ang almusal bukas? What breakfast tomorrow? What is for breakfast tomorrow?
Saan kayo magkikita? Where you magkikita? Where are you going to meet?
Nasa Manila ka ba? In Manila you? Are you in Manila?
Dito magikikita. Here magkikita. This is the meeting place.
Pagisipan mo ng maraming beses. Pagisipan you many times. Think about it a lot of times.

When I was doing this translating activity, I noticed that Google translator could actually give out perfect translations for a sentence or a phrase, but paragraphs could yield poor translations. So, for poorly translated texts or incorrect translations I quickly suggested to Google better translations. There’s a link to do that on Google Translate page. Once you click, a box will appear where you can type in the correct translation.

If you try those sentences I listed above in the near future, you may not see the Google Translate results I got from the day I used it.

More Services From Google, After 9 Years in the Web

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Celebrating its 9th year, Google continues to be the most trusted by most online users. It started purely as a search engine, but grew into a company that had provided innovative services to web users. iGoogle, Google Maps, and Google Earth are only a few of their creative ideas that impressed us.

1. With iGoogle, web search users can now customize or personalize the Google home page. They can change the white plain background of Google with a colorful theme of their choice, then have fun with the Google font, and add mini applications. These mini applications, called Google Gadgets, will help the web users manage their wants and surfing needs in one page like a weather forecast, a stock chart, their Google Talk, headlines from Wall Street Journal, or even their favorite games in mini. Just in case they got bored while working.

2. Another cool service from Google is the Google Maps. It is a very valuable map application that allows web users find restaurants, hotels, schools, churches etc. quickly. All they have to do is type an address, an intersection, or keywords related to the place they are looking for. Aside from locating a specific place,  you can also use Google Maps for directions. They can also have a bird view of the world by Google Maps zooming feature. They can see the top views of known tourist destinations. For example, if the users want to take a peek of Great Britain or Canada, all they need to do is go to Google Maps UK and Google Maps Canada.

3. Similar to Google Maps, Google Earth is a software that has enhanced viewing features of the Earth, straight from web users desktops. Google Earth may show users 3D buildings and structures.

Though users can download Google Earth free, the free version has limited functions. If they want more-advanced features, they have to upgrade it to Google Earth Plus. One feature of Google Earth Plus is GPS integration.

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March 19, 2008 at 8:58 pm

Comprehensive Search Results From Google Web Search Pages

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Who have thought that a thesis of two College Students will be the next big thing? In 1998, Google had a humble start as a search engine, but now it leads all search engines. It also has expanded the meaning of web search and organized the world of online research. To give online users better search results, Google put up search pages focused on particular areas like Google Maps, Google Images, Google News, Google Videos, and Google Scholar,.

1. Google Map To Get Directions – For those who are looking for a restaurant, a park, a church, a school, or a mall, there is nothing else they should need but the very valuable map online application from Google. This application allows them to locate the places they are looking for quickly. Just type in an address, or an intersection, or keywords related to the place they are looking for. Since there is a zooming feature on this Map, online users will get a greater idea on the place they are looking for. They can also get driving directions from Google Maps.

With Google Maps, online users also have the chance to take a peek of the world in front of their computers. They can go to Google Maps UK and Google Maps Canada, just to see how UK’s streets and Canada’s cities look like from up above.

2. Google Image Search – When an online user is looking for images all he has to do is go to Google Image Search. This is a comprehensive image search service from Google. Google allow users to narrow down their query by restricting image results according to certain criteria like an image size: large, medium, or small. There are more criteria available to narrow down search results in Google advanced image search options.

Also, since a lot of internet surfers are using Google Image Search, some of them wonder if they can add photos to Google Image Search. Actually, they can’t directly upload to Google, but they could upload it on other websites and hopefully Google will index it.

3. Google Video – If online users are looking for videos, they usually go to youtube, but since Google has acquired Youtube, Google Video search now could offer comprehensive search results. It can now include videos from YouTube, and other hosting services. Uploading video clips and sharing these videos to other online users are now easy to do. Uploaded videos, however, may be viewed free or with charge like television programs and independent films. Downloading, saving, or embedding the Google videos in other web sites will depend on the on the one who uploaded the video; If the uploader gave these options.

Together with Google Video, Google Video Player was also offered by Google for free download but it is no longer available since August this year, according to an article in Wikipedia. Google Video Player could only display Flash Videos files.

4. Google Scholar for Research –For students writing thesis, or writers searching for trustworthy sources, or to any users searching for any scholarly literature on the web, the Google Scholar is the online service they should use. Search results from Google Scholar can include papers, abstracts, and citations. Unlike other Google services, Google Scholar examines thoroughly these scholarly literature like any other researcher would usually do. Google claimed that they weigh “the content, the author, the publication in which the article appears, and how often the piece has been cited in other scholarly literature.”

5. Google News –An automated news aggregator, conducted similarly with the idea of Page Ranking. Google News already had faced different controversies since its beta stage in 2002. It was only in January 2006 that Google News became an official part of Google’s services.

For online users who are specifically looking for news articles, they should look it up in Google News since they can sort the search results according to the news’ date of publication, news source, and news location. News Search results became more extensive in June 2006, when Google added the News Archive Search Feature, wherein the user can get news results even 200 years way back, and may even show them a timeline. The user can sort it too by language, and price.

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September 7, 2007 at 11:30 am